Health Tourism-Heart Surgery

A heart care surgery which costs in the region of USD 30,000 in USA can cost as low as USD 6,000 in Mazandaran. This clearly states the price difference that exists in Mazandaran when compared to the west.

The heart surgery technology in Mazandaran is contemporary and world class and the volumes handled match global benchmarks. Our doctors also specialize in offering surgery to high risk patients with the introduction of innovative techniques like minimally invasive and robotic surgery. Their success rate at an average of 98.50% is at par with leading cardiac centers around the world.

Surgical treatment packages are offered in following areas:

» Cardiac Surgery And Cardiology
» Open Heart Surgery
» Angiographies
» Angioplasties
» Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
» Pediatric Intervention

Some other procedures available are:

» directional coronary atherectomy
» rot ablation
» coronary artery stenting
» intravascular ultrasound
» balloon valvuloplasty
» non-surgical closure of holes in the heart such as ASD, VSD and PDA.

To receive an approximate idea of cost and other information regarding treatments, please contact us.