Ophthalmology ( Eye Care ) is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy and disease of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a specialist doctor who medically or surgically treats eye problems. Hence he is a surgical and medical specialist.

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Eye Surgery

The main objective of eye operation is to restore perfect vision. Such surgeries are performed to repair retinal defects, remove cataracts or repair eye muscles.

Patients, young or old, irrespective of age, have ocular conditions that require eye surgery. Cataract surgery is the most common ophthalmic procedure. Thousands of such surgeries are performed in Iran every month.


Refractive surgery (Laser operation for eyes):

Refractive surgeries are very popular among younger patients. It is performed to reshape the cornea. In it, the surgeon creates a flap of tissue across the cornea with special instruments, ablates the cornea for about thirty seconds and replaces the flap. With the help of the laser, it takes only very few minutes without resorting to any stitches.

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Trabeculectomy surgery (Glaucoma Surgery) :

Trabeculectomy surgery uses a laser to open the drainage canals to increase the outflow of aqueous humor. This is meant to lower intraocular pressure in the treatment of glaucoma.


Diagnosis of the eye problems

Patients having an ocular problem that needs surgery will have to undergo an initial thorough examination. The surgeon examines the family and medical histories along with the vision requirements related to vocation, recreation etc.

There are also other examination procedures like corneal mapping, keratometer reading to find out the curvature of the central part of the cornea, and examination to determine any damage to cornea and evidence of cataract or glaucoma.  An exam will also be performed to check retinal holes, macular degeneration, and disease.

Following are eye procedures:

Cataract + Glaucoma

Cataract with Trabeculectomy

Chalazion drainage

Corneal Transplantation Surgery




Entropion / Ectropion




LASIK Eye Surgery

Ocular Surface Reconstruction

Phototherapeutic Keratectomy


Retinal detachment

Squint Surgery

Treatment for Keratoconus


Vitrectomy + Retinal detachment

Vitreo retinal Surgery / Retinal Detachment