Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Non-surgical brow lift – Batab seyr Iranian CO.  is an Iranian medical tourism provider. in the Batab seyr Iranian CO. , we have various services include beauty, medical and health services those offer in the fraction cost. The non-surgical brow lift is one of the most popular beauty services in the world and you can enjoy it during your travel to beautiful Iran. As the skin on the forehead ages and becomes loose, the brows can begin to hang low and lose their youthful arch. They may even begin to droop over the eyes and scrunch the skin of the upper eyelids. While non-surgical brow lift procedures, also known as a forehead lift, raise the eyebrows to a more youthful, alert position, these procedures are non-invasive and come with no risks and necessary downtime.

What is a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

A Non-Surgical Brow Lift is a cosmetic procedure through which a drooping brow line is lifted, by strategically injecting a Botox protein or gel or thread lift. Mild asymmetry in the brow area also responds well with this treatment.

How does it work?

As we grow older, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and fullness of youth. These age-related changes can cause the skin to sag around the brow area, and, the brow begins to drop from its youthful position. The lax skin results in lines and wrinkles being formed on the forehead while a drooping brow gives an old, tired and even an angry appearance. A Non-Surgical Brow Lift using Botox injections allows the muscles that elevate the brow to work freely, while a Non-Surgical Brow Lift using gel injection can restore the skin’s lost volume and A thread Brow lift will help reposition the forehead and eyebrows, to achieve a natural subtle youthful appearance. However, in combination with Botox and gel injection may be suitable to achieve the optimum rejuvenation of the forehead. Anaesthesia is not required during the procedure although the treatment area may be numbed using a topical numbing cream. Botox injections or gel injection are then injected into the treatment area using a series of tiny injections.

Benefits of having a Non-Surgical Brow Lift 

A low or drooping brow can create a feeling of being old, tired or angry. A Non-Surgical Brow Lift elevates the drooping brow thus making you look relaxed, rejuvenated and therefore younger. It is a quick painless procedure and you need not take any time off work. Whereas with a traditional brow lift you must be off work for around a week.

Who should have a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

This process is ideal for people who have just started to experience sagging brows or, for those who are looking for a subtle lift. It can also be performed on individuals who are either not ready to go under the knife or, are not fit for a surgical procedure.

Pre-Op Care

During your consultation, please inform your doctor of any medical conditions and expectations you have regarding the procedure. You should avoid taking anticoagulants, high doses of Vitamin E supplements, products containing Aspirin and Ibuprofen for about a week prior to the procedure. Please check with your doctor before stopping any of your medications. You must also avoid smoking two days before you undergo a Non-Surgical Brow Lift procedure.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift Go Treat Group

Different types of Non-Surgical Brow Lifts

Two opposing muscle groups partially determine the position of the eyebrows. One group of muscles pull down the eyebrows, while the other group is responsible for uplifting the brow.

Botox injection

A Botox injection is a muscle relaxant protein, a natural, purified protein which relaxes the muscles temporarily. A Non-Surgical Brow Lift with a muscle relaxant toxin is injected into the group of muscles that pull the eyebrows down. This allows the muscles which elevate the brows to work freely thus giving the brows a natural lift.

Gel injection 

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for creating volume under the skin. However, as we grow older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our body depletes. A gel consists of this material which is responsible for creating volume and hydration under the skin. A Non-Surgical Brow Lift injects a gel containing this material to restore the volume of the skin and lift the eyebrows back to their natural, youthful position.

Tread lift

During A brow Thread lift, Fine PDO threads are inserted just under the skin in the forehead and brow. This creates a gentle lift and rejuvenation of the area.

Post-Op Care

No special post-operation care is required. Slight swelling or bruising might take place for which you may be given anti-bruising products.

Side effects

Normal side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness may occur after the procedure. However, this can be easily treated with ice and medication.


The results are first and foremost natural. Your appearance is less tired, your forehead is refreshed but you remain the same. This rejuvenation keeps all your expressions alive. The effectiveness of the results depends upon the nature of the treatment. The results of a Non-Surgical treatment with Botox injections may last for about four months. While the results with gel injection can last from between 1 to 2 years. And results with thread lift can last up to 4 years.


It is painful?

The procedure is virtually painless.

How long does it take?

A procedure can be completed in as little as five minutes and the maximum time would be around thirty minutes.

Are there complications?

Complications with a Non-Surgical Brow Lift are minimal.

How often can I have a treatment?

Patients can have a Non-Surgical Brow Lift procedure using this muscle relaxant 3 times a year, and, once a year, for a Non-Surgical Brow Lift using gels.

Is Non-Surgical treatment for Men, too?

A Non-Surgical Brow Lift will allow men to have a more relaxed, energetic and younger appearance.